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Memes, Memes and more Memes…..

Greetings Impactoshians! It’s been an exciting week behind the scenes and on the stage at the Impact town hall, where we got some excellent updates from the team on our bug-tracking and squashing efforts for Gabriel and the testnet team. Currently, there are over 214 people active in our testnet environment, and over 162 nodes running! With the launch only 42 days away, amazing things are happening here, thanks to our hard-working team! Our meme contest is a huge hit and we are getting inundated with awesome work from everyone out there. This is very refreshing to see!

Our ten-year-old BSTY (Globalboost) blockchain is in the process of being technically refreshed to our new Impact protocol blockchain. To participate in our project early, you can purchase BSTY and swap this for IMPACT tokens at 1000 to 1. All swaps to the swapping desk here will receive a 20% bonus until March 15th. So hurry, that is less than two weeks from now! What is our new focus as a project? We will be using Impact Protocol to build a community-driven blockchain incubator. Our project will create blockchain solutions that aim to unify the cryptosphere.

But what’s fueling our tremendous growth, you ask? Well, let me introduce you to the world of branded communities. Now, the term might not sound exciting but believe me, it’s anything but boring. Branded communities are like the cool kid at the party – everyone wants to hang out and contribute to them.

This week, we launched a meme contest branded community highlighting Impact Protocol’s branding. And let me tell you, we’ve seen some fantastic creative expressions focusing on our project’s mission. The response has been overwhelming, and we’re thrilled to see the enthusiasm and creativity from our community.

So, what exactly is a branded community? It’s an online space where community members can connect with each other and our project. It’s like a virtual clubhouse where you can chat with like-minded individuals and get exclusive access to insider information and ideas. It’s a great way to create a sense of belonging among our community members. Doing this will foster a community of loyal supporters who advocate for our brand and gather valuable insights into our users’ needs, preferences, and unique ideas.

We’re thrilled to be developing this meme community idea further, and we can’t wait to see what our community comes up with next. So, come and join us in the excitement and participate in our Impact Protocol meme contest today! You might even create the next viral meme sensation. And remember the upcoming Impact Protocol Launch at the NYC Gala – get your tickets here, we’d love to see you there!

To wrap up this week’s exciting and impactful week, branded communities are the perfect mix of fun, relatable, and effective. It’s a great way to build a community of loyal supporters, gain valuable insights, and attract new users to our project. So, let’s keep the ‘meme-mentum’ going and continue to build out our Impact Nation together!



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