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It is not what you believe, but how hard you believe it!

Happy last weekend in February, Impactoshians! As we countdown to our new launch on April 15th at the NFT.NYC Washington Elite Gala at the Harvard Club in New York, I can feel the excitement building. It’s only 49 days away, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you fellow Impactoshians at this awesome venue!

Our team has been putting an amazing amount of effort into their work, driven by their belief in what we are doing as we marry our vision to reality one story at a time! Speaking of stories, let me share one with you about our current “Save the Whales” limited NFT debit card campaign. I was blown away when I saw the 1300+ beautiful and unique whale portraits that were created and shared with me for the campaign webpage. You can see some examples in the featured image above. Thanks to the artists for their amazing work!

In this week’s town hall meeting, we celebrated our first press release! Our story so far was captured on some bigger outlets in the space, and we were honored to be placed on MarketWatch. It’s exciting to see these amazing stories “hit-the-wire” over the next year!

But the buzz doesn’t stop there. We also had Danjo Capital Master, a very popular NFT influencer, feature our project! We were honored to have his community get some exposure to our project. Thank you, @Danjo Capital Master, for your amazing work!

And speaking of Impact, we’re proud to have our first ImpactChain Pioneer, Brady Williams, discussing his plans for his TireChain system, which will be powered by Impact Protocol. This innovative idea not only solves problems with waste but also builds a whole new supply chain with positive returns for everyone involved. We can’t wait to see this idea come to life and make a positive impact.

Last but not least, we have some exciting news from our community dev team. We’re thrilled to welcome a new member who made a significant impact during the testing phase. This showcases the importance of involving community testers in the development process and the potential for their contributions to make a significant difference. We believe that by collaborating with our community, we can achieve even greater results and create a more inclusive and effective development process.

Thank you to all our community testers for their invaluable contributions, and welcome to our new team member. Let’s continue to work together and create something truly extraordinary!



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