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Impact Protocol’s story so far…

Our 90-day sprint is running at full speed, and what a fun last several weeks! The team’s shirt sleeves are rolled up high past their elbows, and our IMPACT testnet is buzzing! Let me give you a quick history on where and why we are here today.


Who am I? My name is Eric, aka ‘Impactoshi’. I joined IMPACT several weeks ago after a leadership change in the organization. People will say that I am a ‘jack of all trades and a master of a few.’ These skills have been instrumental in the growth of two highly successful organizations to date, and I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I believe in this project’s mission. Robin, Bruce and I are aligned on many fronts, and I am honored to have them as friends and my team captains. I support their passion for global outreach via their outstanding efforts and team-building skills. Robin and Bruce were both very instrumental in my joining the project.


I am going to recap our history, our high-level plan, and execution milestones so far very quickly, so hold on tight! I apologize for my brevity on some of the topics. Please DM me in Discord (join here) for more information. 


Our currently running chain is Globalboost (BSTY), running with its core technology algorithm Yescrypt. The coin’s design has run for more than ten years, and it is time for a technical refresh of our blockchain. Our old faithful chain has run its course. In lieu, we will take our Yescrypt engine and transplant it into one of the most viable blockchain platforms in crypto today called, Substrate. What is Substrate? Substrate is built using the Rust programming language. It is a protocol that connects blockchains — allowing value and data to travel across previously incompatible networks (Bitcoin and Ethereum, for example). It is built to be fast and scalable. We could spend this whole post on Substrate and its merits, but let’s discuss these later.


Our objective will be to supply the space with a new software-based blockchain platform to help unify the cryptosphere. We have a high-level plan to do this, but it depends on resources. Our community growth will be integral to the success of our ecosystem and is at the forefront of our social governance. This amazing group of minds will provide oversight and guidance as we continue our journey.


We will build several functional groups within our organization to accomplish this goal (the timing of which will depend on resources):


  • ImpactMedia will provide core project-based solutions. 
  • ImpactOps will support technical core systems & assets.
  • will be our global outreach and charitable umbrella.
  • We have discovered an identity with which our community can align. This will come to the forefront on April 15th. Stay tuned…..


These teams will work together, assist our partners, and help develop other projects for our Impact Parachains. (more to come about this later).


Ten years in this space with a still-functioning blockchain is a momentous accomplishment. We owe this credit to our primary developer Gabriel, an early crypto-development pioneer. We are honored to have him on our team!


Why is the new project going to be called IMPACT PROTOCOL? Bruce Porter, our current CEO and leader of Globalboost brainstormed this with his team and came up with the IMPACT name. They loved it immediately, and here we are today, building it into a new community blockchain ecosystem.


How do we get our token holders from one chain to our new chain? We will be doing this via a registered swap at Token holders can swap their BSTY for 1000 new IMPACT tokens on our new network. 


Bruce recruited several veterans in the space, combined them with his core team, and started building a framework to scale and grow! This was when I joined the project. 


One of my goals will be to publicly release a weekly update from my point of view. Some highlights of our progress so far:


  • Testnet is live and doing very well, thanks to everyone involved!
  • Our new website is live and in BETA.
  • Branding for IMPACT is complete, as are our brand guidelines.
  • Weekly Town Hall meetings happen every Wednesday at 12 pm EST to steer and align our community’s goals. Here’s a link to our Zoom Room 
  • Our social channels have been refreshed and staffed, ready for community growth. 
  • Bruce spoke at Crypto Mondays in NYC. 
  • The leadership team synced up on the project’s mission and market strategy.


To sum things up, it was a fantastic week! I am booking my ticket for NYC next week so that I can meet some of you at our launch on April 15th. I am happy to be a part of this dynamic and versatile team! 


Join us on Wednesday on our Zoom call, or follow us on Twitter (click here).


Rock ‘n roll,




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