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Impact Protocol Launches in T-Minus 63 Days and Counting…

Our ten-year-old chain, BSTY is going to be technically revamped to Impact Protocol in just over two months from now! The days are rocketing by us way too fast. This week was even busier than last week for the Impact Protocol team. It feels like it was only yesterday that I posted our first in a series of blog posts to capture & share our progress and successes to date. On this week’s menu, we have everything from a limited NFT release focused on “Saving the whales” to having an action-packed Town Hall meeting on Wednesday. But the biggest news is that we have 70+ testers in our Impact Protocol testnet! Gabriel is doing a phenomenal job leading this fantastic testing team, and great things are happening!

Before I forget, please mark your calendars, and don’t forget that the Washington Elite Gala is on April 15th. I just got my ticket, and I look forward to meeting some of the team in person and everyone else in attendance.

During our town-hall meeting this week, one of our more significant discoveries as a community was discovering our group’s identity in what we would call our community. We all agreed as a team that we would call our community the “Impact Nation” versus the “Impact Union”. We also discussed our social value digital ecosystem. We have chosen these 4 C’s to help bring this massive ecosystem into precise focus:

  • Content: Digital content via our Web3 foundation supporting NFTs, AI, branded communities, news, music, and videos to commemorate impactful ideas, concepts, and events. Impact Media will be the catalyst for these Impact Parachains.
  • Community:  Real social currency is created here, exchanged & hashed into better ideas, concepts, and memorialized moments. This is our Impact Nation.
  • Charity: Our blockchain ecosystem provides a platform to crowdfund and celebrate global initiatives on an amplified scale. This is Impact Now.
  • Choice: Ultimately, people’s alternative choices create value in our ecosystem. Our core blockchain can support multiple options to exchange value with efficient security. This is our Impact Protocol.

All the ideas above will be fueled via our Impact Protocol as the gas in our ecosystem.

Now let’s get back to our week’s highlights. This week, a unique charitable partnership materialized for our team called “Save The Whale’s”, a charitable, limited NFT minting campaign. More details about this will emerge via a combined press release outlining this exciting program.

This week’s town hall also became an excellent venue for our Impact Nation via two votes put to the community for consensus. The first issue was the BSTY to IMPACT token swap that has become inconsequential and burdensome to execute. The proposal was to simplify the swap window to end on March 15th to April 15th and be fixed at 20% instead. Discussion ensued around having a 15% bonus in lieu. Still, the consensus was maintained, and the 20% prevailed and will be retroactive for all swaps. This will make the swap program easier and fair for all involved.

Our ImpactOperations team is growing and adding moderation staff, getting ready for our community growth. We want to ensure we can engage and support their queries and concerns. Some veteran community moderation resources have joined our ranks! This team is crucial to our success as a project.

This week the leadership team is planning our PR programs for the following weeks, and we will focus on our first ImpactMedia release of This platform takes all the news feeds from the cryptosphere and repackages them into one easy-to-view format. It also has live feeds on coin prices from the leading market cap websites.

This week flew by so fast! I have a small favor to ask; please follow us (and me on Twitter). Our project’s social clout needs a spark. Please share our story with your friends and family, as the team is having a lot of fun doing this. The more, the merrier!

Let’s go and trend #impactnation and #impactprotocol!

Have an ‘Impactful’ weekend!