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Forging Through the Home Stretch!

Greetings, Impactoshians! With only three weeks left before launch, the Test-net is abuzz with activity as Gabriel and the Testnet development team continue to squash more bugs and finalize the codebase. We also have some exciting news to share – Bruce, Robin, and David have returned from their trip to Dubai, where they put Impact Protocol on the map with the crypto community. Unfortuntely they had to deal with a little “Covid” sickness slowdowns, but they forged through this and are feeling a lot better now. They had many successful meetings and laid the foundation for future collaborations. We have a lot of supporters of our Impactful mission, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

You may be wondering what Impact.Live is – it is our front-end entry point for people engaging with our project and its future use cases. While Impact Protocol will focus on finding partnerships and ImpactChains, which enable people to use our underlying blockchain without even realizing they are working with blockchain, Impact.Live will be our project portal that houses all our project-related content and video material. As a community-driven blockchain, building these use cases will be integral to our success. Stay tuned for more ideas that will carry the label “Powered by Impact Protocol.”

Let’s talk about Impact Protocol itself. It is a cutting-edge blockchain protocol that connects multiple specialized blockchains into a single network. It was designed with a broader vision of returning control to individuals over internet monopolies and offers several fundamental advantages over previous blockchain networks.

One of the key advantages of Impact Protocol is its ability to scale. Unlike isolated blockchains, Impact Protocol is a sharded multichain network, enabling it to process many transactions on multiple chains in parallel. This significantly improves scalability and creates conditions for future growth.

Another advantage is specialization. Each blockchain on Impact Protocol can have a unique design optimized for a specific use case, improving efficiency and security by leaving out unnecessary code. Our partners can develop and customize their blockchain faster and more efficiently than ever before, thanks to the Substrate development framework.

Impact Protocol also offers interoperability and cross-chain communication, allowing networks and applications to share information and functionality. This opens the door to innovative new services and allows users to transfer information between chains.

Finally, one significant advantage is that Impact Protocol enables forkless upgrades, allowing blockchains to evolve and adapt easily as better technology becomes available. This opens up a world of possibilities for new services that put people back in control of their digital lives.

We will focus more on hybrid governance conversations in the coming month as we explore how we can integrate our weekly town-hall meetings into our Impact.Live streaming platform. Participants can watch the meetings without having to participate in the Zoom live meetings. We will also explore how we can have an ongoing town-hall meeting throughout the week on Discord. This way, we can engage with community members afterward and discover more good ideas and suggestions. After launch, more energy will be put into discovering this.

We’re excited to see how our future partners will use Impact Protocol to build impactful solutions across a range of applications, from finance and gaming to digital identity, IoT, supply chain management, branded communities, and cloud technologies.

Remember, our Impact Protocol Gala launch is on April 15th at NFT.NYC. We would love to see you there! Also, this week we’re finalizing our new Mascot search, and we’ll continue our Town-hall meeting again now that the full team is back in action. Some of the entries for this contest are intriguing, and we can’t wait to find our next Impactoshi!



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