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Feb 15th Town Hall Summary

  • Steven Koveleski was showcasing his Kovo Cups art project, magical cups that symbolizes unity and inclusivity, at the Super Bowl party run by Leigh Steinberg. At the same time, he was promoting the IMPACT Protocol and Washington Elite logos.
  • Much activity and forward momentum, exchanges reaching out from themselves.
  • Testnet keeps growing, with 85 members, it is fun! Bugs are fixed and issues are attended.
  • Running for a month. EVM, and ERC20 compatibility, will be tested soon.
  • Official launch at Washington Elite Gala, 1500 people registered, April 15th.
    Dao is getting revamped. Issues with DAO are small teams overpromising and under-delivering, and open community proposals are all over the place.
    Proposal: The team writes use cases, and the community makes proposals within this structure and works with them on these use cases.
  • White Paper and pitch decks are coming along, several. About to be released.
  • ‘Save the Whales’ NFT project. 1000 whales minted, each is unique, 10% goes to Save the Whales. The NFTs come with Debit Cards.
  • Usecase:  ‘The Tire Impact Chain’ – Brady Williams.
    Tires are a complex industry, metals, and rubbers can be recycled if licensed.
    A revenue-positive ecosystem can be connected to Brady’s tire business for Impact Protocol, for all aspects of the tire industry.
  • We are the IMPACT NATION, as a group, we are an ecosystem.
    Eric will be working full-time on Impact Protocol in about 6 to 8 weeks.
    Reminder to use and showcase our logo and brand according to brand guidelines.
  • Impact Crypto News – a product ready to be released, a complete crypto overview.
  • Impactoshi – a fun but meaningful identity for valuable people contributing to the project that don’t want their personal identity at the center of attention.
    Hackathons: Testing meetups on 3 different organizations, organized over the coming weeks.
  • Future meetings will become more interactive, think of voting, and bring the governance system to a higher level.
  • Up to March 15th, 20% bonus on swapping will still be active.